Reasons Why You & Your Partner Should Practice A Wedding Dance

Wedding dances. Let’s face it, we all have to do a first dance at our wedding, so make the most of it. Here’s the top 6 reasons why you should start practising with your partner right away…

1. Commitment

Regularly partaking in an activity shows you are really committing to something. Show your partner that you’ll stick with your relationship by rehearsing your wedding dance. Through learning a new skill together and rehearsing in each other’s company, your relationship will strengthen and you’ll enjoy your new bond. You’ll find you get fitter too!

2. Stunning Photo Opportunities

Create a spectacular wedding show by throwing your new shapes, and your photographer will not stop snapping! Especially with your stunning attire and the striking lights shining down, you’ll be well on the way to making the most amazing photo opportunities. I wonder how many guests’ mantelpieces you’ll be in the centre of with your show-stopping wedding photos? It will definitely be one to show the grandkids whatever happens!

3. Special Moment For Just The Two Of You

Your wedding day can be incredibly overwhelming with so many people to talk to and so much to get done. Taking some time out with your other half is recommended to ensure you really enjoy your day – after all, it is YOUR day to celebrate the love between both of you. A special first dance can be surprisingly upbeat, but you can also have a romantic slow dance with some lovingly choreographed moves. Whatever you choose, your dance will signify the closeness in your relationship for everyone else to see.

4. Moment to Treasure For the Rest Of Your Life

Your photos will do a lot of the talking for those who didn’t attend your wedding, but what can be better than unforgettable moments of your big day that stick in your memory forevermore? You’ll be telling the story for years to come and be able to describe the emotions you felt. Definitely something to treasure for the rest of your days!

5. Your Guests Will Be Stunned

If you want to wow your audience, a wedding dance is undoubtedly the best way to leave your friends and family open-mouthed. Get rehearsing so that your reception guests won’t believe their eyes when they see you and your significant other dancing to a hip-hop beat in the centre of the dancefloor! No-one will be able to stop talking about it for months…and then it will become one of those “Do you remember when…” moments at any gathering or anniversary. Brilliant if you want to create a memorable day for others to enjoy as well as yourselves!

6. Meeting New People

Having a circle of friends is important in a healthy relationship, so why not get the chance to meet some new people? If you are learning your dancing skills within a group class, you are likely to have something in common with the other dancers, and they might be couples too! You’ll get to know everyone really well after hours of rehearsing, and likely lots of laughing! You never know, you might end up inviting some fellow dancers to your wedding – or becoming close friends with your instructor! It might be handy for when you want a special anniversary dance choreographed in the future…watch this space!


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