The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Picking a Private Dance Teacher

Take note!

The right instructor can make a world of difference in your dancing journey – whether you’re pursuing it for pleasure or professional reasons. If you decide to opt the training route, pick the best dance teacher by avoiding these common mistakes.

1.  Picking someone who has a different forte.

If the teacher you picked only cares about earning himself a couple bucks and not your professional growth, don’t expect him to grant you the privilege of knowing he isn’t the right one. So before you jump in head first, be sure to do your research. Is it ballroom dancing, hip-hop, jazz, modern, or tap you’re wanting to learn? Has the teacher been dancing this style for at least 5-10 years? Does their personal style resonate with what you want (Subdued and smooth vs Flashy and energetic for example)

2.  Not having a clear vision of your end goal.

Not properly communicating what you want to achieve out of these classes to your private dance teacher is an entirely different story (but one of great importance, still). Before that, though, you first have to fully know these goals to and for yourself. Are you only doing this to learn a certain routine for a one-time performance? Are you trying to be more fit? Are you aspiring to dance professionally and perhaps earn a living out of it? Once you’re sure about your end goal, it’ll be easier for you to find the right teacher who can help you attain it. It is important however to keep your goal realistic.

3.  Not considering dance schools or studios.

Unlike agencies or recruiters where cuts are made and your costs are doubled, a good dance schools makes it their priority to give you the best experience for your money. But again, finding the right one is a matter of knowing what you want to learn and why you want to learn it. At DanceLife X  we make the decision process much easier with by offering only top instructors with extensive experience, friendly, accommodating staff to help advise you, one of the nicest dance facilities in Ontario, and designated instructors for every style. We have helped thousands of students realize their dance dreams and we know exactly how to help you realize yours.

4.  Not examining the costs.

Of course, one-on-one lessons will be way more expensive than group classes. The lessons conducted will be tailored to you – meeting your goal, working on what you need to improve upon, making you a better dancer overall. So depending on your teacher and the number of hours you’ll consume, the cost/s may vary greatly. This is something you need to consider from the get-go, and if it’s something you can afford. At DanceLife X we put a lot of work into ensuring you get a far better overall experience for similar or less money than other studios.

At DanceLife X we bring together only the best teachers in Toronto in a welcoming, modern space to give you the best classes around. Come check out the private Toronto Ballroom Lessons and Toronto Wedding Dance Lessons, we also offer private lessons in any other style of dance we have at the facility, just let us know what you are looking for and we will gladly set you up.