Beginner – No experience required. You will learn the fundamentals, basic movements, and a fun choreography of that dance style.
Beg/Inter – This level offers an extra push, teaching more detailed choreography at a quicker pace. Still accessible to dancers with little experience, but be ready for a challenge!
Intermediate – Dance experience is needed. The teaching of the choreography moves quickly, and the steps are more advanced.
Inter/Advanced – For dancers who are very familiar with intricate dance concepts and who are comfortable with complex choreography.
Open – For all levels of dancers. Classes will vary depending on the teacher.

$19 for 1 Class Pass

Our Contemporary Dance Classes in Toronto will teach you this style which originated .. but has become one of the dominant genres among formally trained dancers across the world. It combines the strong, controlled legwork and technique of Ballet with a number of elements from modern dance and inspiration from many other dances.

This Week’s Contemporary Schedule

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