Not familiar with levels? Need to know what your skill level is? 


Beginner – No experience required. You will learn the fundamentals, basic movements, and a fun choreography of that dance style. 

Beg/Inter – This level offers an extra push, teaching more detailed choreography at a quicker pace. Still accessible to dancers with little experience, but be ready for a challenge!

Intermediate – Dance experience is needed. The teaching of the choreography moves quickly, and the steps are more advanced.

Inter/Advanced – For dancers who are very familiar with intricate dance concepts and who are comfortable with complex choreography.

Open – For all levels of dancers. Classes will vary depending on the teacher.


What styles do we teach? 

Bollywood Indo-Contemporary REGGAETON

For more info, click here for ALL of the descriptions of each and every style.


What kind of programs do we offer?

As a student at DanceLife X, we have a multitude of training, course, and performance programs that you can choose from. Here’s a quick rundown of the type of programs that we have.

Training Programs – From fundamentals to PRO performance programs. Here, you’ll learn from the best teachers in the industry. 


Fizz from Reverb, will teach you everything that you need from fundamentals to become successful performers, choreographers, and teachers. 


Vincent Trang and Michaela Thai from RPM, will be the GO-TO guys for your choreography training. Ever been interested in creating choreo, competing, or teaching in Korea? Learn from the biggest cover group in North America to further yourself in the dance industry.

Video Courses – See a music video with choreo that is the most fire thing that you have ever seen in your life? Learn that exact same choreo. Be that cool. 

Ever listen to a song that you wish had a dance for it? Our experienced choreographers will draft, create and specialize choreography for that song, for you to learn and share with your friends. 

On the last week of rehearsals, a video shoot will be done. Our team will hire a videographer that specialized in shooting dance videos, we shoot in the highest resolution with the best audio.

After the editing is completed, the videos will be sent to your emails.

Showcase programs – Perform on stage alongside performers all over the city.  

Ever wanted to be a dance performer? Our company offers an experience of a lifetime. Here, you will go through an  intensive 8 – 10 week performance training. You will have a choice whether you would like to train in covers or original choreography. After training is complete, all performers that trained during that season, will take part in a HUGE on-stage performance with hundreds of spectators.

Break a leg, give it your best! Go big or go home!



DanceLife Inc. makes no guarantee regarding individual student results due to the highly personal nature of these services and their dependency on the student’s own participation and motivation to achieve success.

We do not give refunds for tuition fees paid. Class credits will not be given for missed classes.

Personal Injury – I will be participating in physical activities, and as such, I realize there is an element of physical risk involved, for which I accept full responsibility, and I hold harmless the staff and management of DanceLife Inc. in case of injury. I furthermore warrant that I have no known medical condition(s) which will prevent me from undertaking these activities safely and will not hold DanceLife Studio liable for any injuries I sustain as a result of any medical conditions I may have, pre-existing or otherwise.

Liability Policy – I and my agents, personal representatives, and assignees, hereby release and discharge DanceLife Inc., its staff, its management and facility owners from any and all liability for personal injury or property damage rising out of the use of the premises or participation in activities.

Privacy Policy – I authorize DanceLife Inc. to use any photos/videos of me taken during classes, events and/or performances to be used freely to promote the interests of the company however I do not waive the right to request that a specific photo of me be removed from marketing material. In the event that I make such a request, I authorize DanceLife Inc. to use up any printed material or marketing ads already paid for and understand that they will remove the image in question from the content of any future purchases.

Cancellation – DanceLife Inc. reserves the right to drop students from classes for: excessive lateness and/or absence, disruptive behavior, non-payment of tuition/other charges due, or cancellation of the entire class. To cancel a private lesson without charge students must notify DanceLife Studio staff/management 24 hours prior to scheduled lesson time.


Any more questions? Give us a text! Are staff will get back to you as soon as possible!