How Dancing Improves Intimacy With Your Fiance

We all know that intimate moments with our partner are vital to your relationship, especially if you’re engaged and planning that all-important wedding! Here’s how dancing can enhance your connection…


Creating Time Together

As busy as your lives may be, it is crucial to spend time together every week – and what better way to do this than schedule in a weekly dance class?! You’ll have time away from work (and the infinite amount of household chores!) to be adults and spend precious time together. It really will encourage you both to have intimate moments more regularly, as it will make you realise that life only gets busier!


Learning A New Skill

By learning something new together, you and your partner’s relationship will flourish. Not only will you be embracing culture and grasping new talents, but you’ll be able to encourage each other along the way. If one of you has two left feet, don’t worry! Your other half will learn to support you and guide you through your new skill. You’ll carry each other through the highs and lows of practising – plus you can ask them about the next move if you forget the routine!


Having A Laugh

With dancing, there always comes laughter. Don’t be afraid to laugh about it when you put a foot wrong, as it takes the stress out of the moment and allows you to enjoy the company of your companion. Laughing releases endorphins that make you feel good and lets you bond with that special someone.


Getting Up Close & Personal

Hot skin, getting sweaty, bodies touching…the intimacy between you both when dancing will be at an all-time high, and you’ll find you connect with your loved one more than ever before. You will find yourself learning about each other’s bodies in a different way, and feeling the electric touch between you. Why not take your new skills home and rehearse in private?


Practice Practice Practice

It takes a lot of rehearsing and refining to get good at something, so taking up dancing will teach you heaps about commitment. Especially if you’re planning on getting engaged or married, dedication and devotion are biggies – so show the one you love that you can stick with a hobby as much as you want to stick with them throughout your lifetime.


Wedding Day Dance

Once you find your love for a ballroom sway or hip-hop jig, you’ll want to utilise your skills on your wedding day (or anniversary party!) – hire a choreographer to create an extra special routine for your first dance, and your guests will be ‘aww’ing all the way through.


Let’s Get Physical

One of the main strengths of dancing is being able to exercise. Your muscles will strengthen and your energy and endurance will increase. It’ll be your time to impress your partner, as you will find it builds up your stamina…which may or may not be helpful to you in the bedroom! Need I say more?


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