6 Ways To Surprise Your Family & Friends On Your Wedding Day

You’re bound to want your loved ones to enjoy the day as much as you, so why not surprise them? With these 6 ideas on your wedding day, you’ll have your guests gawping with shock!

1.  Transport Your Guests

Something your guests really could do without on your wedding day is having to organise transport. Imagine one of your relatives having to pick up two sets of grandparents on the way, getting to the venue for your ceremony, then everyone bundling in again to get to your reception. And then there’s the parking! Make their lives easier by arranging some unexpected transport for your close family and friends – they will be forever thankful and so much more stress-free on your big day.

2.  Statement Dress (Or Two!)

The biggest shock-factor at a wedding is when your guests realise how stunning you look. Go one step further and choose a statement dress that really is a show-stopper. You could also get lights entwined in the skirt or train of your gown so that when the lights go down, you will illuminate. If you really wanted to go to town on surprising your guests, you could have two dresses – one for the first part of the day, and another, perhaps slightly more comfortable dress to wear while you throw some shapes on the dancefloor. Your friends and family will do a double-take!

3.  Surprise Musicians

Something that always is a lovely touch at a wedding is when the bride and groom book musicians to play without any of the guests knowing. Having them set up beforehand and start playing as you enter your ceremony, drinks reception or wedding breakfast really gives more of an atmosphere than a CD on loop. Not only will everyone be stunned that you kept it a secret, but they’ll be blown away by the music and it will give everyone something to talk about during any awkward moments.

4.  A Super Creative Cake

Having a statement bake will be the icing on the cake at your wedding. Give your guests something they won’t stop talking about for weeks on end by ordering a really creative cake that reflects both the bride and groom. Why not be really sneaky and have a traditional looking side to the cake that is on show to everyone, only to then turn it round to show something completely different on the other side?! Your friends and family will be wowed.

5.  Unexpected Choreography

Nothing will surprise your guests more nowadays than an unexpected dance! Gather the bridal party and groomsmen together to learn some show-stopping choreography, and have them perform it on the dancefloor at your reception. All of your guests will have a great time watching, and might even want to join in!

6.  If All Else Fails…Release The Confetti!

If none of the above will work for you in surprising your guests, take a simple approach and have a balloon or confetti-drop during your first dance, or sometime during the night! Team this with a spectacular exit (perhaps some fireworks too!) and your guests won’t know what’s hit them!


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