If you’re a bit more serious about your dancing and want to learn the elegant, refined style that comes from solid foundational technique, Slava’s the teacher you want. His deep and accomplished background in ballroom and ballet plus his honest, yet funny teaching style, will have you improving fast. Slava is a favorite of students who want to enter dance competitions with their teacher (Pro-Am).

Slava has been dancing since the age of 5, when he started to learn disco steps in kindergarten. The spirit of competition immediately grabbed him, and by the age of 15, he was already competing in world and European championships. Since relocating to Canada, Slava has been teaching all kinds of dance—International, American, and Latin styles—as well as teaching kids/teens, giving hobby classes, preparing for performances, and Pro-Am competition training. With 20 years of experience, Slava knows all the ins, outs, turns, and swivels of dance.

“To me, dance is more than work. It is my hobby, my passion, my favorite thing in life.”

Awards: Professional Latin-America Canadian Finalist, 5 Times Moldavian 10 Dances National Champion, 3rd in the world and 2nd in Europe Formation Team

Physical Height: 174cm


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