Mickeey Nguyen is passionate to inspire and diversify the next generation of Entertainment. With his hard work and dedication for performing professionally since the age of 18, Mickeey took no time at all to persist in his training first as a Dancer. He has worked with iconic artists that includes landing a World Tour with Liily Singh, dancing for Shawn Mendes, Hedley, and it was then he began to consistently extend his training further by broadening his vocabulary in Dance, including Hip Hop, Jazz-Funk, Waacking, and Locking. To push his capabilities further, he was able to utilize his love for Music and Acting and integrate them into his professional background in Dance to snowball into his very first Series Lead Role.

His acting career jump-started when he was casted on Nickelodeon’s “Make it POP!” and all while traveling as a Featured Dancer on a World Tour with NBC/YouTube Sensation’s, Lilly Singh. His triple-threat persona would soon continue to push his career further as he became the new face on TVOKid’s ‘The Space’ and was then casted in Disney Channel’s Original Movie, ‘Z-O-M-B-I-E-S’, when it now became clear to him that continuing to diversify Film and Television was his true devotion.

He currently continues to do, with his most anticipated work being one of the Series Leads a HULU’s Original Series ‘Utopia Falls’ and on other platforms such as Netflix, Hallmark, and CBC, all while continuing his love for Dance as a Choreographer for his city. He hopes that he may continue to explore the Entertainment Industry further, pushing all types of boundaries, so that he may continue to pass along his experiences to inspire the next & upcoming generation of artists. That no matter the exterior, we are all capable of achieving incredible things. To make the impossible, possible. And, most importantly, to never give up.

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