Born raised in Scarborough, Michaela is currently working through her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto in industrial engineering. She has taught K-Pop classes for multiple organizations, and also within her school community. She finds her natural strength in teaching over anything else, and loves teaching all students, no matter what experience level. She also enjoys dance styles outside of K-Pop, including hip hop, breakdancing, and choreographing her own stuff on the side.

Michaela is a founding member of R.P.M Dance Crew, a K-Pop cover group formed in 2014. They have competed, performed, and placed in multiple competitions and events around Toronto, including the K-Pop World Festival, The Next Star competition at the Korean harvest festival, Atomic Lollipop, the Toronto K-Pop convention, Hallyu North, Dano Spring Festival, and more. They were featured on YTV, teaching TV show host Suki a K-Pop choreography.

Michaela has also held K-Pop classes at the Toronto K-Pop convention, and Hallyu North
Featured in the Korea Times newspaper as a rising community K-Pop cover group, R.P.M also has an established YouTube channel, where tutorial, performance, and cover videos are posted. They have received the Silver YouTube Play Button for hitting the 100k subscriber milestone but has since doubled their subscriber count. Their tutorial videos have been viewed by millions across the world, with 2 videos having over 1 million views each, where they teach short sessions consisting of popular K-Pop choreography.

Michaela hopes to share her love for K-Pop with all students, and to inspire others to feel comfortable and confident when they dance.


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