Kay-Ann Ward is a choreographer, movement coach, dancer, dance instructor, and creative/artistic director. Her talent, passion, and creative eye is sought after by many. She is the co-founder of UnRuly Gyal which is a dance life style brand geared towards women.

She is versed in Hip-Hop, Sensual movements, Dancehall and Soca. Because of her knowledge, energy, and professionalism, she is a sought-after dance (Dancehall & Soca) instructor. Born in Jamaica, she brings her authentic talent and roots to each of her classes. Giving her students something that is unique.

Kay-Ann’s teaching style is one that encourages her students and participants to learn, let go and have fun. She ensures that the environment is one that is safe and supportive to everyone attending her classes and workshops. She makes sure that everyone leaves the class feeling good and accomplished.

She has worked with some of the industry’s top choreographers as well as artist. Some of these artists include Flo-Rida, Beenie Man, Yellow Man, Jully Black, Devine Brown, just to name a few. She has created, choreographed, and directed live performances for a variety of events and organizations such as Harbourfront Centre, Luminato Festival, Fringe Festival, Desi Festival and Toronto’s choreographers Ball.

Her choreographic work is described as a full expression of emotions and raw authenticity. It could be created for entertainment or to tell a compelling story, her work is one that has her signature stamp of style and movement.

Kay-Ann lives and breathes these principles: Dance, Live, Inspire. Dance like no one is watching. Live life to the fullest. Inspire and be inspired by others.


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