If you like a teacher who’s always positive or can build your flair, Eyal is the one for you as he’ll find your best side and improve on it. He is a wizard when it comes to breaking down moves so you can target the individual components easily. Style-wise, he’ll make you graceful with a healthy dose of flair to wow the crowd.

Eyal has been studying Competitive Ballroom for 15 years in Canada and around the world. With years of instruction from the most talented teachers in the world, Eyal understands how vital the instructor’s role is in teaching dance. He uses the same techniques that worked so well in his own education through lessons that shape and mould the students. Whether you’re looking to dance competitively or are just for fun, Eyal knows how to train you, even if you feel like you have two left feet, to become an accomplished dancer. He can easily teach you practically every step in the book to get you to were you want to go with your dancing. Eyal even worked with Canada’s leading Junior Figure Skaters—quite a unique challenge!

Awards: Professional Latin-America, Canadian Finalist (Ranked 6th in Canadian Ballroom Championship, 75th in World Championships)

Physical Height: 179cm


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