Canadian dancers who want nothing more than to share their passion for dance and hope to inspire and entertain others in the dance world.
Elina is a Vancouverite who started dancing at the age of 5 and has been an active member of the Vancouver Latin dance community since 2004. Throughout the years, she has learned various styles such as Street Jazz, Hip Hop/R&B, Ballet, Contemporary, West Coast Swing, Argentine Tango and many other styles. Since 2004, she has trained locally and internationally in Latin dances such as Salsa, both traditional Dominican and urban styles of Bachata, Mambo on 2, and Cha Cha. She has been teaching and performing Salsa and Bachata in Vancouver for 10 years.
Davy is a Torontonian with over 15 years of experience in dance training, teaching, performing and choreographing professionally in multiple genres such as Hip Hop/R&B, Jazz, Contemporary, Salsa, Mambo on2, Dancehall and many more. He has also trained and performed with some of the best Latin dance teams in Canada. In 2012, he started to pursue Zouk professionally and was trained by various international instructors. Since then he has travelled all around Canada and the United States to teach Zouk over the years at international congresses. 
Together, Davy and Elina share a passion for dancing, teaching and performing, and are determined to continuously grow as dancers by incorporating their diverse dance backgrounds to showcase fusion-based works. Their main goal as partners is to share their passion and knowledge for Bachata and Zouk, and to bridge the gap between these two dance styles that have exploded in the Latin dance world while adding their own East Coast and West Coast urban flare.