In case you haven’t heard, the Badass Babes have exploded on Toronto like an atomic bomb of swagger and sexiness. They teach a combination of Hip Hop and Sexy Heels Dancing and do a major performance every 4 months. If you want to up your dance game while having a seriously good time, you need to check this performance dance training program out. 

The Beginner Program

Their beginner program was so popular, they had to increase the capacity limit twice and STILL almost had to turn people away because the largest dance studio in the downtown core wasn’t big enough. It’s unreal how good this program is. Here’s what one of the classes looked like: 

At the end of that Badass babes beginner program, you can do some killer routines like this 2nd video. There is no prior experience required, but talk about some serious next level dancing! You also have the opportunity (optional) to perform a beginner team routine as part of advanced program performance in front of a live audience.

The Advanced Program

If you are a more advanced dancer (or progressed to the point where you nailed the Badass Babes beginner program), you can try out for the Badass Babes Advanced Performance Team.

[youtube id=”rS-MnjZx6Mo” width=”800″ height=”500″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””][/youtube]

And then you perform…

This is a professional calibre training program that will have you ready to rock the stage and your live audience in 3 months.

Go check out some more info on the Badass Babes Dance Training Program and the Toronto Hip Hop Dance Classes at DanceLife X