Dance Challenge Your Friends!

The Bucket Challenge took the world by storm because it was the perfect challenge for a worthy cause. While other viral challenges have proliferated online, and some of these challenges are too risky and life-threatening, there’s one challenge that is worthy of your time. And it’s for a healthy cause!

Everyone knows that dancing is good for your body. It promotes a healthy lifestyle, let’s you become socially active, and builds up your self-esteem. Such obvious benefits are what makes dance challenges easy to do. That’s why The TZ Anthem Challenge became successful when it went viral. It was fun to do, fun to watch, and fun to pass the challenge to your friends!

The guy behind The TZ Anthem Challenge, Zay Hilfiger, was just 15 when he posted this challenge in YouTube last year. And if you search YouTube you will see how the dance moves can be a fun workout for you! From the young ones to the not-so-young anymore, they accepted the challenge and made The TZ Anthem a viral hit!

But do not let that stop you from having a healthy lifestyle! Now that you have discovered the fun of dancing, take it a step further and dance your way to a healthy lifestyle. Explore other dances that you think you can easily do. Check out if hip hop dancing can be your thing. It doesn’t matter if you can’t do it right at first. Sooner or later you will get the hang of it!

Get your friends to join you in this undertaking. Take the first step and dance challenge your friends with something like The TZ Anthem. Or any dance that’s easy to follow. Video it. Post it. And voila! Start a craze among your friends. Who knows? They might even be encouraged to join you when you decide to enroll in a dance class!

Check out YouTube for some ideas to challenge your friends now!