DanceLife X Salsa & Bachata Performance Team

DanceLife X and Social Dance Spot have joined forces to create the Ultimate Salsa & Bachata Performance Program. Under the direction of Yared Rodriguez & Anton Sharafetdinov you’ll be part of some of the best performance teams in the city.

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Perform at Showcases, Congresses & Festivals

Our 3 Month Program will teach you styling, formation dancing, and some SERIOUSLY hot Salsa & Bachata choreography. At the end of each program you’ll then perform at congresses, festivals and showcases to show ’em what you got!

PRICE: 3 x $140/month

DURATION: 3 Months

Join Our Community of Performers & Dancers

As part of the Performer’s lifestyle, not only will you enjoy the life of a performer but also the DanceLife X community. Parties, Socials and many more.

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