If you are serious about your dancing, want to get all the aspects of it, but at the same time having great and fun time during the lesson, Ekaterina is the teacher for you. Very easy going and charismatic, she will help you to feel confident and fall in love with dancing more and more. Ekaterina has great teaching experience, as she was training couples for competitions and also beginners. She pays a lot of attention into details, which helps you to make your every move flawless and beautiful. Being a great choreographer, she’ll make sure that your wedding dance will be amazing and unique. Ekaterina is very dedicated to what she does and want to share her experience and happiness of it with you.

Ekaterina started dancing when she was 7 years old, in Russia. In two weeks she had already danced in the final of the completion, which made her a very fast learner and a great dancer, who always was in the finals of the biggest tournaments. While competing, she also started teaching and giving master classes, not just in Russia, but also in England, Germany and Czech Republic.

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