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Hip Hop X Training Program. Become a Better Dancer!

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Our Training Program is designed to fit the needs of each student. You basically get personalized training which is an effective way to learn!

Purpose: To teach new dancers the fundamentals needed to become better performers.

Course Components

Performance Training

Stage conduct is important. People see you and any unsure movement or mistake is magnified. Learn how to behave and act in front of an audience. Know how to be confident and act like you own the stage. Learn what to do during an audition, how to conduct yourself professionally, develop focus, and perform.

Technique and execution

From basic movement, to combination of movements, to complicated steps or a mix of movements and steps, get to know how to do da moves! Learn how to execute such moves easily, how these steps and movements relate to one another, and show the best way to do it.

Musicality training

Understand the different types of music, the relationship of music and dance, the layers and context of music, and more! When developed, musicality lets your movement and choreography mesh gracefully with the richness and context of the composition.

Freestyle training

Dance the way you feel! Freestyle training lets you groove to the music your own way, without feeling awkward! Learn basic moves to loosen you up and prepare your body for some freestyle dance movements. Feel the beat, dance to the music!

Choreography training

Learn the basics of choreography, from simple to complex steps. Understand the principles behind every step and movement, know the relationship between them so you can easily switch from one to another… and more!

Physical conditioning

As with all physical activities, you will be physically conditioned and primed for performance in our program. Stamina is built up over time as dancing is one of the best ways to be physically fit.


#DanceLifeX , 619 Yonge St.