Lyrical dance arose out of the combination of Ballet, Jazz, and Contemporary styles and has become quite popular in large part because of the depth of expression it allows. It is literally the dancing representation of the strong emotions felt by the choreographer when they listen to their chosen song.

Although flexibility and a wide repertoire of dance moves provides both the dancer and the choreographer greater nuance and grace in expressing these emotions, Lyrical dance focuses on expression more so than perfect technique. Because of this it is one of the easier dance styles to gain an initial feeling of competence as a beginner, even though mastery is a significantly higher bar to reach.





Dance Style

Dance Styles: Lyrical


For beginner classes, just comfortable clothes and shoes. Women may want to wear heels, but this is not required and height should be limited to below 2″ or they will make it significantly more difficult to learn.

If you get more serious, you may wish to invest in a proper set of latin dance shoes. These are designed to allow freedom of movement, while also subtly guiding your body’s mechanics into the proper form. Latin dance shoes will generally be soled in suede leather to allow their wearer to do turns and spins more easily.

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