New Student Pricing

– 1 Class Pass for $7 (Reg. $20)

– 7 Day Unlimited for $29


Upcoming Jazz Funk Dance Classes

Beginner – Most basic/easiest classes, with no/little experience required. Anyone can join! More experienced dancers may also take this level to focus more on the aspects of performing and details in class.

Beg/Inter – The next step up from beginner. Still applicable to beginner level dancers, occasional dancers, or dancers with little experience. This level does offer an extra push, learning a bit more choreography/and or more detailed choreo in class at a quicker pace. If you are feeling like Beginner classes are a bit easy for you, or just want to challenge yourself a bit more, these are the classes for you!

Intermediate – Dance experience is needed. Choreography/teaching moves quickly, and steps are more advanced. Make sure you feel good about beginner classes before trying this step!

Inter/Advanced – New level option, meant for dancers who are advanced and regularly taking class, dancing in the industry. Open to all, but cater towards higher level dancers.

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