Bollywood (From the words Bombay + Hollywood), has grown to produce more movies per year and sells a combined greater number of tickets per year worldwide than even Hollywood, the original movie mecca. One of the reasons for its runaway success (and an inseparable part of its unique style) is its sensational choreographed dance numbers.

Modern Bollywood dance is a fusion of traditional Indian Classical & Folk dances with elements of Hip Hop, Latin, Jazz and Arabic styles. Because the dance originated in film, there is usually a strong storytelling element and these dance numbers are interwoven with the rest of the movie to move the plot ahead.



For beginner classes, just comfortable clothes and shoes. Women may want to wear heels, but this is not required and height should be limited to below 2″ or they will make it significantly more difficult to learn.

If you get more serious, you may wish to invest in a proper set of latin dance shoes. These are designed to allow freedom of movement, while also subtly guiding your body’s mechanics into the proper form. Latin dance shoes will generally be soled in suede leather to allow their wearer to do turns and spins more easily.

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