Our Bachata Dance Classes In Toronto cover this social (partner) dance style which is generally credited as having come from the Dominican Republic. However the “Authentic” Dominican Bachata style has evolved with influences from Ballroom & Salsa, and more recently Zouk, Tango and other dances into a “Modern” style with more exaggerated torso and hip movement, and a side-to-side step pattern.

Depending on the music, mood, and preference of the dance partners, Bachata can be danced either formally or very passionately, simply or with complicated patterns. You don’t need complexity to dance it well, but many who love the dance would say that if you never allow yourself to dance it passionately, you have never really experienced Bachata. Like most social dances, doing it “right” is more about having fun and focusing on a good connection with your dance partner than about flashy moves and trying to impress people. So come take a Bachata Dance Class at our Toronto Studio!



  • If you want to become a great dancer or progress more quickly than the norm, private classes will get you there. We have many of the best teachers in the city who are not only amazing dancers (often at national or international levels), but also make it easy and fun to learn. If anyone can take you farther, faster than you though possible, it’s these dance teachers.


For beginner classes, just wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Women may want to wear heels, but this is not required and height should be limited to at most 2″ or they will make it significantly harder for you to learn.

As you get more serious, you may want to invest in a proper set of latin dance shoes. These are designed to allow freedom of movement, while also subtly guiding your body’s mechanics into the proper form. Latin dance shoes will generally be soled in suede leather to allow turns and spins more easily.

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