50% OFF on 10 Class Pass or more

The Holiday season is upon us, this is a time of great celebration, giving and family. We hope you enjoy this Holiday season with Friends and Loved ones.

 We wanted to share the Gift of Dance with you, your friends and your loved ones by giving you THE BIGGEST Savings we can offer! Take advantage of this sale, because it will NOT last!

Christmas Sale 50% OFF

[pricing_table type="1" backgroundcolor="" bordercolor="" dividercolor="" class="" id=""] [pricing_column title='1 FREE Trial Class - Online Registration ONLY -'][pricing_price currency='$' price='17 FREE' time=''][/pricing_price][pricing_row] New Students ONLY - Limit 1 Per Person -  $17 at Door[/pricing_row][pricing_footer][/pricing_footer][/pricing_column] [pricing_column title='5 CLASS PASS'][pricing_price currency='$' price='80' time=''][/pricing_price][pricing_row]Expires 7 weeks after 1st visit [/pricing_row][pricing_footer] [/pricing_footer][/pricing_column] [pricing_column title='10 CLASS PASS'][pricing_price currency='$' price='75 150' time=''][/pricing_price][pricing_row]Expires 13 weeks after 1st visit [/pricing_row][pricing_footer] [/pricing_footer][/pricing_column] [pricing_column title='20 CLASS PASS'][pricing_price currency='$' price='140 280' time=''] [/pricing_price][pricing_row]Expires 24 weeks after 1st visit [/pricing_row][pricing_footer] [/pricing_footer][/pricing_column] [pricing_column title='Unlimited Pass'][pricing_price currency='$' price='200 /mo' time=''][/pricing_price][pricing_row]1 MO UNLIMITED[/pricing_row][pricing_footer] [/pricing_footer][/pricing_column] [/pricing_table]

3 Months Unlimited Passes are also

50% OFF – Reg. $200/mo

$99/month (paid in full – $297)

$109/month (3 Installments)

(ONLY 50 Unlimited Passes available)

*Unlimited starts on your next visit

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 OR… Give the Gift of Dancing

Gift Certificates Sale

10 Classes $75 (Expires 13 weeks after 1st visit)
20 Class – $140 (Expires 24 weeks after 1st visit)
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