Change: The Transformational Power of Dance

A DanceLife X Showcase Series

For many of us that have danced for some time. We realize that dancing has the power to change people’s lives. It nurtures self growth and self acceptance. In this Event we will be showcasing a REALLY fun way how dance can transform you!



This showcase will be held at the Isabel Bader theatre (93 Charles St W, Toronto, ON). The theatre holds 496 seats so your friends and family can comfortably sit for a really great show.


We are planning on having 10-13 Teams for this showcase. This includes:
– Hip Hop
– Urban
– R&B
– K-POP (4-5 Teams)
– DanceHall (Tentative)
– Jazz Funk (Tentative)
– Heels (Tentative)
The Tentative Teams are dependent on Demand and Teacher availability. We will let you know as soon as we have confirmation on these teams.
(KPOP: Song choices will be made closer to the end of the summer. We will be asking for student feedback on song choices. So make sure you give us feedback on that)


The regular price is $275 per course/team (after deposit deadline)
IMPORTANT: The course price is ONLY $250 – for people that have deposited for a team before the deadline 
This includes 16 hours of classes instead of our usual 8 hours. This gives you more in class training and you will be able to focus and clean up your dance better.
Maximum size limit per team will be 15 people
Ticket Requirements is set at 5 @$25 per ticket


To guarantee your spot in the Teams a deposit of $80 per team/course are needed. Final due date deadline for deposits are next week Tuesday June 19.
Deposits are non-refundable unless it is  a tentative team that we could not run

Final Payment Due date.

Payments for the rest are due 2 weeks before course start date. Your total should be ($250+tax) – $80 = $202.50


Please send an etransfer to [email protected] or come to front desk and pay there.
Make sure you let us know which team you are interested in (Hip Hop, Urban, R&B, K-POP, DanceHall, Jazz Funk, Heels)
NOTE: We already received deposits for 14 spots in the past 3 days and we haven’t fully even marketed this yet. So make sure you send us your deposits ASAP. THIS WILL SELL OUT!!