10 Reasons Why Wedding Couples Should  Do a Wedding Dance

For most couples, the first dance at your wedding is a scary proposition.  The thought of dipping, twirling or tangoing a deux in front of all your friends and family is almost enough to make you swoon into a panic attack… 

So here is the simple, easy-to-do solution:  Be prepared, take a few lessons ahead of time & practise.  That’s it!

Once you know what you’re doing the First Dance will cease to be this huge, looming source of stress for you.  It will become not only a piece of cake (so to speak), but also one of the most memorable highlights of your wedding.

Here are some reasons some couples take wedding dance lessons:

1) The First Dance is the perfect time for a couple to make a statement about their relationship.  You can talk and talk about how perfect you are for each other, but gliding beautifully across the dance floor as one, speaks volumes.  

2) Preparing for your dance routine is a bonding experience, and can teach you a surprising amount about building a successful union.  It’s all about communication, reading each other’s cues, and supporting each other.   (Side benefit: Gaining insight into how to sustain marital harmony.)

3) Learning how to dance together is fun and a great break from all the craziness of wedding preparations.  Despite all the many demands on your time, taking an hour or so a few times a week to hold your future spouse in your arms and move to a romantic song will actually rejuvenate and reinvigorate both partners, reconnecting and reminding you why you are doing this in the first place.

4) Learning to dance for a wedding is a special gift you give each other.  Spending some time to make sure you as a couple will not be nervous about your First Dance (there are so many other things to be nervous about already), and will shine on the dance floor in front of all your friends and family, is a thoughtful gift that can make a big difference on your big day. 

5) The First Dance is a lovely, memorable moment and leaves your guests with an enduring mental image of your love.

6) The First Dance is a chance to wow your friends and family with your moves.  It’s your own 15 minutes of fame!

7) Your First Dance as husband and wife will be a memory to cherish forever.  The photos and the videos will prove to your kids and grandkids what a hot couple you were!

8) The First Dance of a newly married couple is a tradition people have come to expect and look forward to.  Don’t disappoint your wedding guests!

10) Overcoming your First Dance jitters and performance anxiety is a great character builder.  Bring out your inner performer, own this moment and have fun!