If you’d like to apply NOW, click on the link below, fill out the form and send us a video of you! We’ll contact you with further details and get you set up to start!

Apply to join Aura Moon X


Performance Team


Level Beginner/Intermediate
3 Month Minimum Commitment (1.5 hours per week)
8:00 PM – 9:30 PM


For those interested in taking the next step with their training, DanceLife X performance teams offer ongoing, once per week classes with your instructor. This provides longer-term, more progressive training in your style, to hone your skills and take your dancing to the next level.  Experience being part of a team who learn and grow together! As part of the program, you will also be working towards building routines/choreography that can be performed at local opportunities or competitions as well as DanceLife X based shows and events or video shoots. 

The requirement to join, is a commitment of at least 3 months, though we hope you’ll stick with it much longer! This team does not have an end point/date, and long-term committment will only benefit you in the best way possible! 

We are looking for dedicated dancers! To help us make sure you are ready, please submit a video of you dancing (may be done on your phone) for approval.

Those accepted will be contacted.

Students who regularly take classes with the teacher who leads the team may also speak directly to the teacher to be assessed and approved. 

Don’t be afraid to apply, extensive training and experience is not needed! We just want to see you first!

We are taking Video submissions for your dancing. It does NOT have to be a Pro video. We just want to see how you dance. You may submit Cell Phone/Selfie videos.


1. What happens after 3 months?

This is an ONGOING team, so you can keep going as long as you like! We hope you stay part of the DLX family and continue your dance training with us… we’ll continue to add opportunities as you continue to commit to the team. We just add another 3 month contract OR can offer you a longer term contract for 6 months or even a full year at an even better monthly rate. See front desk or give us a call for more details!

2. What is the purpose of this team?

The purpose of this team is to give students better training. And to focus on making you a better dancer. We know that to make solid progress in your dancing, performance training is a sure way to get you there.

3. Will I be performing at the DanceLife showcases?

Yes. You will be performing at our showcase. Requirement to sell tickets still apply.