Jazz Funk, J. Lo Style for Beginner/Intermediate Level

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Learn the J. Lo moves on the floor and shake your booty like you’re a part of J. Lo’s dance squad!
Join Lianne Tammi for a 6-week course for Beginner/Intermediate Levels of Jazz Funk, J. Lo style! Know how to lay it on the dance floor just like in J. Lo’s music videos! Each week builds up to a filming of a professional video of your last performance in class!
From “If You Had My Love” to “Dance Again”, Lianne guides you to the steps and moves of a J. Lo routine! She will have you shaking that booty in no time at all!
Class is every Friday, starting Sept. 29 from 8pm to 9:30pm.

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At door sign up: $120.00.


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#DanceLifeX , 619 Yonge St.